Questions about support and training

Some frequently asked questions

Foster for East Midlands are here to support you through the assessment process which we know at times can feel intense. We will work with you so that you know what to expect, when and are kept up to date as much as possible.

Once your application is passed on to your chosen local authority they will become your point of contact and you will be assigned an assessing social worker. You’ll be given pre-approval training, which will give you the skills and knowledge you need to foster.

We are here every step of your fostering approval journey.

Your pre-approval Skills to Foster training and the guidance you will receive is just the start of your fostering journey and the support available to you. Foster carers across the region can access core elements of fostering support alongside additional partner local authority specific support.

Find out more on our support and training page.

Yes. We operate a 24-7 support and advice line, so you can get in touch every day, anytime, day or night.

Your initial foster training and preparation course (known as Skills to Foster) will help you discover what life as a foster carer is like. The course is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding you'll need to start fostering. There is also the chance to meet other foster care applicants and make friendships.

You will then be provided with ongoing development opportunities. Fostering training programmes include a mix of online and in-person workshops. We understand that flexibility can really help foster carers to dedicate time to development so training is delivered at a range of times.

We plan and deliver ongoing training on relevant topics and emerging issues, such as:

  • looking after children who have suffered adverse childhood trauma such as abuse, neglect, separation and loss
  • support to complete the National Training, Support and Development Standards (TSDS) programme in your first year
  • additional optional training for specialist fostering such as parent and child fostering or caring for children with disabilities

The Skills to Foster training course runs over a series of sessions. Each block of sessions is run on a monthly basis and delivered virtually to make the course as accessible as possible. 

We want you to be able to get as much as possible out of the course and want every applicant to have the chance to attend.